Cannot discoverer broker server (6.5)

We are having an issue where we cannot discoverer a newly created broker server in the WmBrokerAdmin tool, version 6.5.

When attempting to discover the broker server I receive the following error in return:
Error: the host “brkuat” could not be found on the network

That is all, but with logging turned up I see the following in the server.log file:

2010-02-26 15:29:10 EST [ISC.0072.0018V6] IfVarToken.eval name:…/doc value:edit

though I am not sure it has anything to do with it. Searched on Empower did not return any useful information. Imagine that! LOL.

I tried with the DNS name assigned to the Broker Server as well as the hostname the broker server is running on. Neither worked.

Did you try using the IP address?