Cannot connect to Tamino


I cannot connect from QuiP to Tamino when the HTTP Server runs on another port (not 80). QuiP truncates the port number, when it is given in the server string (this can be seen from the log-file).

Does anyone know a solution or a workaround?

thank you for pointing this out. If this is
realy the case, then this is a bug and I
cannot think of any workaraound until I made
a fix in quip.
I will check this.
Sven Eric

I looked into the code and found actually two
bugs, which prevent you from accessing other
ports via http than the default 80. The quip java api
stripped away the port number; as well as the quip
execution engine did.
Fixes were made, but I am afraid you will have to
wait for the next quip release to get these fixes.

Sven Eric