Cannot connect to queue


Has anyone seen this error before and could let me know what it means.

[BRM.10.2205] JMS: Cannot connect to queue “jmsQueue” with ClientGroup=JMSClientA. It already exists with a conflicting value.

I cannot see anything wrong with my JMS configuration, I am able to publish JMS messages but when I try to consume them this message appears



Yes. At an earlier time you defined the queue with a client group other than “JMSClientA” or created a durable subscriber with a client group other than “JMSClientA”.

You must either redefine the queue to use client group “JMSClientA” or subscribe to it using that client group.



Thanks for the reply, I understand what you say, I just don’t understand how to delete/modify the queue, as I keep getting the same error within JMS Admin.

JMS: Cannot connect to queue “jmsQueue” with ClientGroup=JMSClientA. It already exists with a conflicting value

Have tried it with JMSClient which is my original one.



Assuming you are using BrokerJMS as your JMS provider you should be able to do the following:

  1. Stop IS and any other JMS clients that might be connected to your JMS destinations (queues or topics)
  2. Open the Messaging portlet in My webMethods Server and navigate to Broker Servers->Clients
  3. Delete the clients associated with your queue
  4. You might also delete the JMS queue from the Naming Directories ->Destinations page and re-add it
  5. You can also use the non-MwS WmBrokerAdmin and WmJMSAdmin administration tools to do the same thing.
  6. Restart IS and other JMS clients
  7. Reenable your JMS adapter connections and JMS adapter polling notifications



I created Queue on the Broker successfully, but shows “No” under the column “Connected”. Could you please help me to set the value to “Yes”.

Thanks & Regards,

Srinivas, did you find a solution for your problem?

When tried to define the provider from MWS and after saving could see the following entry into the log.
Error: Cannot communicate with the JNDI provider.

Created connection factory and also a destination before checking the log where the after associating the new queue to the destination, the connection status of the queue shows as “not connected” in clients.

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