cannot chang writeACL


I can’t change writeACL for tn folder. When I tried to change from ‘WmPrivate’ got the below error:

[ISS.0081.9002] Cannot perform operation without Write ACL privileges on

I’m doing this in my local machine and using ‘Administrator’ credential all these to lock this service


why do you want to change the write ACL? you don’t want to write files under those dir.

For running the service, you only need to change:
Execute ACL

Hope this is the case

Hi Tong,

I want to debug the services to know the functionality in detail…
So I need the write access…


Hi Sam,

The approach is not recommended and also not approved by SAG.

Inside the IS there will be a folder called config. In this folder, find file aclwrite.cnf.

In this file, check the path where your service exists, for WmTN it will be

For this entry change the ACL from WmPrivate to anything you need.

Please take backup of the file before change and also be careful that changes to these files can corrupt the files causing IS to not come up.

Also restart IS once file is changed for changes to reflect.


Please take caution when changing wM out of box packages and ACL tunings…at your own risk and which is not supported/suggested by SAG.

Thanks Saurabh, this way its working good.
Thanks all for your inputs…