Canbt use WmMonitor with two IS servers

I am using WmMonitor to monitor two IS instances connecting to a single broker in a single client group. The IS instance with WmMonitor has WmLogUtil installed. The second IS instance is used as JDBC adapter only. We need to have this set up so that JDBC adapter is hosted in the same machine as the database. (Similar to adapters running close to the resource).

I want to log documents published by both IS instances. However WmLogUtil throws a “null pointer exception” when logging documents published by JDBC adapter. WM Support say I need to install all publishable documents from the JDBC adapter (the second IS instance) to the IS instance which runs WmLogUtil/WmMonitor.

The problem is I can’t import all the documents published by the JDBC adapter into the monitoring IS instance to log the documents. The JDBC adapter has got a “AdapterBasicNotificationPublishDocument” as one of its publishable document. This document is closely associated with “AdapterBasicNotification” operation. To import this document I also need to import the adapter operation associated with it and also adapter connection to be able to see the fields in the document.

Basically this means having the JDBC adapter with similar configuration in the first IS as the second IS instance.This set up really negates the purpose of having a separate IS instance for the JDBC adapter.

How to log the documents published by JDBC adapter with this architecture? How do you log documents publised by multiple adapters having their own IS instances using a single IS with WmLogutil installed?

As I understand from WM support

  1. There is only one WmLogUtil can be installed per broker &
  2. The IS with WmLogUtil should have all the publishable documents.

I am running IS6.1
and Broker6.1 SP2


Any idea how to log documents from two IS instance using a single Logutil?

Would sync’ing the publishable documents with the non-JDBC IS and the Broker (from Broker to IS) do what you need?

Thanks Rob.

I can not have all the publishable document in the non-JDBC IS.
I can not deploy the “JDBC Adpapter BasicNotificationPublish” document in non-JDBC IS.

To do that, I need to have both adapter connection and the adapter basic notification in the non-JDBC IS which really negates the purpose of having a separate JDBC IS.

It would be really nice if “LogUtil” behaves like any other broker-client, then we can easily configure what documents it can subscribe to the broker (much like the Document tracker), instead of having the LogUtil tied up with the single IS.


“…can not have all the publishable document in the non-JDBC IS.”

Why not? It’s just a doc type definition. You shouldn’t need to have the JDBC Adapter nor the connection nor the basic notification installed to have those doc types available, though I admit I haven’t tried that myself.

Thanks Rob, It worked.

I am able to deploy BasicNotificationDocument in non-JDBC IS by creating a new broker document type (pulling the documents from the broker). It works perfectly in TEST!

However in my DEV server, I can not use this option as this broker document is already linked to the “BasicNotificationDocument” from the adapter.

My configurations are:

DEV: IS (This IS also hosts JDBC adapter) + Broker
TEST: non-JDBC IS + JDBC Adapter (IS) + Broker
LIVE: non-JDBC IS + JDBC Adapter (IS) + Broker

If I deploy the package containing NotificationDocument,after removing all the adapter services and connection from DEV to TEST (non-JDBC IS), it is not working as expected (all the fields are missing except “env” fields).