Canbt use setResponsebyte to return 100MB of data

I need a setResponse(InputStream) method, but I can’t
find one.

I have a Java service that is invoked by a browser. The
Java service returns a response to the browser using
the following method:

I need to enhance the Java service, so that it can return
up to 100MB of data to the browser. I can’t return 100 MB
of data to the browser using the setResponse(byte)
method, since the data is too large for a byte array.

I can’t use Servlets and WmTomcat, since the users are
external and WmTomcat doesn’t work with reverse invoke.

Also, I know I can write the data to a temp file and
then redirect the browser to the temp file. However,
I don’t want to use this approach for the following

  • The overhead of additional file I/O.
  • I won’t know when I can safely delete the temp file.
  • I’d have to create a .access file on the fly to
    control access to the temp file.

Any ideas?