Canbt import document types with 601 and Ora 9i Raq

I am trying migrate my 4.6 solution to 6.01 and ran into an error when trying to import document types from a 4.6 TN export XML into a 6.01 TN instance pointed to a Oracle 9i DB. The below steps show my process. This all works perfectly with MS SQL Server but 9i has this show stopper. I’ve put a ticket in with WM support but was wondering if anyone here has seen this.

  1. Export all the Doctypes from the 4.6 TN into one file
  2. Load up 6.01 TN console, Import doc types
  3. It indicates they loaded correctly and they show up on the list but when you double click on the doctype it throws this error:

<errorid> TRNCONS.000010.000001 </errorid>
<errorlevel> ERROR </errorlevel>
<classname> DocTypePanel </classname>
<methodname> getDoctypeForID </methodname>
<errortime> Tue Jul 29 11:34:14 CDT 2003 </errortime>
<errortext> Unknown type id: 0a01013ff70d87c9000002e1 </errortext>
<additionalerrortext> </additionalerrortext>
<suggestedactions> Call webMethods Customer Service. </suggestedactions>