Canbt compile NEW java services no method %2360meth in class %2360class


I’ve run into a problem where I can’t compile new Java services in one of my packages. If I add a new service, right after I name it (I presume webMethods tries to save it as an empty method at this point) I get the message:

Couldn’t compile
[ISS.0026.9106] No method <method> in class <class>

However, if I delete this new service, any modifications I make to existing services save and compile just fine. Basically I can’t add any more new services to my package without getting this error (and this is across all the subfolders in the package).

This is on IS 6…


Try reloading that package and now create a new JS,see if it helps.

Never seen this error before,but default try is reloading can help.


Hmm, neither reload of the package nor a restart of WebMethods helped me any.


Try putting your JS on the upper directory level without going too deep. I had heard that this had caused some issues.


Try puting the java library files in your classpath again and try to compile again. Else try to use another IDE for compiling the java files.