Can we track the current state of a data


How can we track the current state of a data element (may be a file etc) , from its source initiation to target , when it moves through various components of wM (the runtime code on IS , TN etc).


  1. If you go for business process through modeler, thats well and good.
  2. But you can also implement your own monitoring system for your interfaces and display that through support pages. Using xml messages at each stage of the process and a unique correlation id for these messages can give a good picture of the current state of the process.


Thanks Guna ,

Can you please Elaborate a bit on , how do we "implement your own monitoring system " … can you also state some example/sample to implement the same.

I will give an example and you can improve on this. Usually these monitoring features will be a value add to the customers.

  1. You can create a publishable document with fields like: id, message type, status, and summary.
  2. Create a service that will publish this document (or you can just use publish service).
  3. A subscriber service that subscibes this document and converts the doc to xml, appends the xml to a file with name %messagetype%_yyyyMMdd.xml.
  4. imagine a scenario where you get an order idoc from sap and send it to a mainframe system through ftp. After processing the data the main frame system sends a order response which you have to send back to sap.
  5. When the idoc comes from SAP you can use orderno as a unique key and update/append the summary text at each stage:’ Got idoc from SAP with order no: 445533. Idoc is mapped to EDIFACT. EDIFACT is successfully sent to mainframe through ftp’. Set status to ‘Success’ (if final step is successful) and publish it.
  6. When the response comes from mainframe asynchronously you can follow the same and publish the status doc: ’ Got response from mainframe for order no: 445533. EDIFACT is mapped to ORDRSP idoc. Idoc is successfully sent to SAP through InboundProcess’. The subscribing service will append this record to the xml file.
  7. You have to write a service that queries this xml file to fetch the status based on selection crieteria: idoc no, status and dates. Basically a html form from DSP page.
  8. Frame file name fileToString → String to doc → get the status docs → filter them against the search crieteria → Display on the support page.


BPM that is developed through Designer satisfies your requirement… If you are using webMethods 7.x version, use Designer, and if it is 6.5, use Modeler.

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But in this case we need to write the xml file on the Integration Server ?
Is that true/

Yes. in pub/status folder of the package. Also you should regularly delete the files which are older than, say 30 days for example, using a scheduled job.



I suggest better to use to Trading network or Modeler for monitoring purpose. All these feature are out of box provided by webMethods including reprocessing failed transaction,view pipeline data ,status change etc.

So whats the points to invest time/money to reinvent the wheet again ?

My two cents.