Can we publish a document not to the default broker

Hi experts,

I created two brokers in the my localhost broker server(default broker and test broker), can I publish the documents to the test broker without configuring the test broker into same territory with default broker? if we can’t , what is the point that people can create many broker in one broker server? just for we can use them as gateways to some others territories?

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by the way , I want to know why we need to configure a default broker for a broker server?

Hi Zang,

         You can create as many brokers as you want from the broker server but the documents you publish will only be sent to the broker to which you configure within IS. 

The idea of having a default broker is that when you first use your IS if you dont configure it to any broker the documents get published to the default broker, i.e., you need not remember the broker name.