Can we have single view on logs from DMZ & NON-DMZ levels?

In webMethods 10.11/15, ELK/any other logging components

We need a single view on all the logs from API gateways of DMZ and Green Zones. Can we do that in ELK or do we have any other option?

Possible . But you have to propagate the server logs/ audit logs to ELK or Splunk or any Monitoring dashboard to read the same. This is more server resource specific events and you have to design it in async way of distributing the logs. what is your requirement or what exactly you are trying to achieve ?

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This can be done with ElasticSearch. There are some other destinations which also could be configured. Refer page 469.

ElasticSearch that’s embedded in SAG API Gateway is used to store both API configuration and API Analytics information. In SAG API Gateway context, usage of externalized ElasticSearch is supported and recommended.

Elastic cluster 1 and Elastic cluster 2 - use cluster 1 for storing API configs and cluster 2 for API analytic data.

Page 92 and 93

Version compatibility need to be checked for API config store, but for API analytic store, you can use any version in external form. This gives you flexibility for reusing or creating your own dashboard in Kibana.

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