Can we create SFTP user/server alias dynamically?

Hello all,
Just curious, is there a way we can create SFTP server/user alias dynamically in IS page through designer?
Like, if I have the IP address/user/pwd is there a way I can create SFTP server/user alias through designer?

and secondly, do any one has more than 3000 user aliases created and maintained in IS page?
We have a requirement where we have to create and maintain approx 3000 user aliases in IS page. Will this cause any performnace issues in IS?


Hi Vekatesh,

you can try to introspect the dsp pages from IS Admin UI to check for the services being invoked.
Please note that these services most likely are part of the WmRoot packages and are not meant for direct use and therefore are not documented.

We had up to 3 server aliases with approx. 12 User aliases but these interfaces are currently retiring so we wont have any SFTP aliases in the future.


Thanks Holder. will try and let you know