Can we add a custom link to the user settings?

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We use SSO for logging into C8Y, and our user accounts are managed by Azure AD. When users wish to change their name, phone number, or other details, the default user settings option is disabled with a warning: ‘Some user settings are not editable here because they are managed via your authorization server.’

To address this, we’ve created a URL to our Azure AD profile editor. However, we’re unsure about the best place in C8Y to provide this URL so that users can easily access and edit their profiles. We believe that adding the profile editor link in the ‘user settings’ would be ideal. Is there a way to add a custom link in the out-of-the-box area for this purpose?

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Question related to a free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?

Hi Saif,

there is no option to add a custom link in this area.

What you might be able to do, is to remove the default User settings user menu item and place a custom dialog in front of it that would give a user a hint in case it is an SSO user on where to perform the actual changes.

If the user wants to still see the default dialog to e.g. change their language you could use this code to open the default dialog:;


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Thanks @Tristan_Bastian, can you help me how can i remove the default user setting and replace it by custom dialog?

Hi @saif.hasn,

The UserMenuService has a remove method, that you should be able to call in order to remove the item you would like to remove.