Can push date to Iot Device from cumulocity

Can push date to Iot Device from cumulocity

Hi @venkata_anilchaladi and welcome to the TechCommunity,

please describe your question or challenge in detail, so that the community can actually help you.


Hi Kai,

I m working on a Drone Project. In that project, to get data from drones, we are using embedded devices to get data from drones to Cummulocity. Here, I would like to know if we can push data drones from cummulocity to control devices or take any action.

Thanks in advance

Hi Anil,

did you already read through the concept guide and protocol integration guides?
In general the answer can always be “yes”, but of course it highly depends on the embedded devices, their functionality, how “closed” they are, what kind of interfaces they have and so on and so forth :slight_smile:

Are your drones already connected to Cumulocity? How is this integration implemented?
If yes, then you most likely can also “push” data/device operations to the devices.

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