Can IO adapters handle double byte characters...?

Is any one worked with IO adapter’s FLI operations to process data in asian languages chinese or japanese…?

Environment :

Source system - Systems on different platforms generate data on flat file -Some sources supply simple text files and some sources supply unicode text documents.

Target system - Oracle 8i database running on Sun Solaris 8.

Integration platform - EIS 4.5, IO adapter 4.1, Intelligent DB Oracle Adapter 4.1.

The issue is,

when the incoming flat file containing unicode characters is processed by the IO adapter it is not assigning values to fields of the output document. Where as it works fine when we process the same file after saving it as text document instead of unicode document. This behavior is consistent even when I save the english text data as unicode document.

How to resolve this? Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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