Can any one suggest me how to create a portlet using CAF

HI ,

I am very new to the CAF,I want to learn a caf to create a portalets and deploy to WMS.

Please suggest.


click the, and select the webMethods- CAF , click on code sample you will lot of code sample, if not type the portlet application sample in search. you will sample, if you are working on 7.1 get 7.1 samples, if you are working 8.0 get the 8.0 samples.

please g to CAF Development document to know about the controls. and also download the CAF JAVA API and CAF JAVA SCRIPT API for CAF Developemnt and binding creation in beans.

anil kumar ellendula

before learning how to create portlet application, please go through the Java server Faces life cycle and JSF Components, Managed Beans, and Binding Expressions and Overview of JavaServer Faces (JSF) and Default Managed Beans Created for CAF Applications and
web.xml and faces-config.xml File