Can any body provide me with flow service tutorial

Hello frnds!
Can any body provide me with flow service tutorial
I hv gone through developer…
but i want samples that can explain me flow services.


There is a Flow tutorial for 4.6 that is still very applicable to Flow in IS 6.5. You can find it on Advantage.


Apart from going through webMethods documentation, you can also go through the blog of Natan Lee for some tutorials.

Also, dont forget to go through the WmSamples package.

as i am beginner to this… Can anybody give me simple process for implementing flow service with example…

which process? what example? be a bit more specific…

tell us what\where you are stuck and I am sure, someone from the community will help you out.

I recommend that you jump in jayeshgala! Just pick some silly thing, and try to implement it in flow. Do this with four or five simple things you want to test out and you will probably have the swing of it. You can use the regular developer’s guide to help figure it out. There is no substitute for getting in there and trying it out!!


Thanks, Greg