calling web service without using anonymous access

How can we call a Microsoft webservices from a webMethods services without using anonymous acces? Can someone help me?

Populate the “auth” doc type on the pub.client:soapHttp call with the credentials required by the MS web service.


Can we pass a domain account : Domain\username or username@Domain ?

Also we also seen that you can pass a port alias in the soap service Binders.
Is that related to Settings > Web Service Endpoints?
Can we use that?
We don’t want to have to modify the username / password each time we migrate from dev to UAT and to production


The web service consumer has no control over the credentials required by the web service provider. You have to pass what the provider requires in each environment.

That said, a best practice is to never hardcode environment-specific attributes such as endpoint URLs, ports, or credentials. Store those in a property file and retrieve them when your package starts. There are many posts here on wMUsers related to use of properties files.