Calling SharePoint 2007 Web Services from wM 7.1.1

I know the wM 7.1.1 HTTP and SOAP stacks are a little buggy, I have gotten 3-4 patches to address various issues in the stacks.

I am trying to call the web services via webMethods to get data from a lsit in SharePoint. It works fine from SOAPSonar and I can authenticate using Basic Authentication. Running from webmethods (running as a service on Windows 2003 under a domain account) providing or not providing the credentials, I am getting a [ISC.0064.9314] Authorization Required: Unauthorized. I made sure the service accoutn wM runs under has rights to the SharePoint site, not sure if webMethods is not responding correctly to the challenge/response or what is happening.

Anyone have success calling SharePoint web services and authenticating?

So I figured out that Sharepoint here is setup with Integrated Security only. wM 7.1 does not respond to the challenge/response from the IIS server so the authentication fails.

Is there a package that allows wM 7.1 Windows 64-bit to respond to a challenge/response from IIS? I believe WmWin32 did this, but I cannot remember and it does not work on Windows 64-Bit for obvious reasons.

I read in the services guide that pub.client:SoapClient service only handles Basic authentication. That does work after I had the web master turn on basic authentication for the site. But I rather authenticate with the domain account the Windows IS server is running as.


Did you manage to solve this? I have exactly the same problem.
Strange is that when I use SOAP UI, it works.

So there must be a way to do this SOAP request manually…

Please let me know

Many thanks !



I also have the same problem is there anyone who knows how to call a webservice from Sharepoint with success?


Are you able to call the service successfully from a testing tool like SoapUI? Are there any other Java-based apps that are successfully using the service within the organization?

Locking functionality away behind proprietary, non-interoperable security mechanisms would seem to be less than ideal.


Hi thanks for the answer, actually weird thing, I’ve been whole day trying to make this work, testing a lot of different solutions (network, firewall, addresses, different VM’s, vpn, etc)

anyway finally I found out why soupUI was also getting → HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized, it was a version problem

I was getting on soupUI 4.0.1 this error → HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized
Then updated to soupUI 4.5.0 and it worked

So with this, it would mean webmethods would have maybe some fix/update that would also solve the problem,

so I tried on webmethods 7.1.3 and works, but not on webmethods 7.1.2

I’m going now to install a local integration server on my laptop and apply all the fixes for 7.1.2 and then try if it works…

I still tried to read history release of soupUI but it seems they only have major history releases, I was not able to find what was the change that changed the outcome.

Usually, the list of fixes between point releases is relatively short. It should be possible to review the release notes to identify the one you need to make this work in 7.1.2.

Or, since you already have proven that 7.1.3 does the trick, just get a plan in place to update to that point release.