Calling same web service hosted on different Integration Servers, from a CAF Portlet Application

Hello Team,

I am working on a CAF Portlet application, wherein I will be required to invoke same web service which is hosted on multiple Integration Servers.

I have created web service client in CAF by dragging and dropping the web service provider in Portlet from one of the Integration Servers. I have maintained a list which holds the wsdl endpoints for various integration server ( WSDLS ) and corresponding creds. I am dynamically making call to each web service one after other, changing Endpoint and Auth Details before each call.

The web service call is working fine only dfor 1 Integration Server ( the one from where I have drag dropeed the provider wsdl ). for other Integration Server I am getting below error:
sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)

I have verified the web service on other Integration servers and I am able to successfully consume them from SOAP UI as well as other Dummy portlets.

Can you please let me know where am I going wrong.

Thanks in advance.

Hitesh Tambe

The stack trace you posted is where the exception was caught and re-thrown.

The full stack trace in the log file should show where the exception was originally thrown. Look for the last “Caused By” stack trace for that log message.