Calling MWS-Task Inbox from a web application?


I have a requirement as follows. We are working on webMethods 7.1.2 platform. We have a web application running. There is a login page. When a user logins into the web application, he/she will get a welcome page (jsp). On the welcome page, the Default WF inbox page should be appended at the bottom . In otherwords, the welcome.jsp should call the WF inbox, pass the user id who is logged in and get the WF inbox page corresponding to that user and render it on the welcome.jsp. I guess we have to do something with the URL below…but how to send userid, pwd to display the default inbox to the user?


Any help?

Are you talking about embedding MWS Inbox inside of another web application or just a Welcome Page w/ Inbox at the bottom?

The inbox would be a portlet(A) and the Welcome Page could be standard page(b) - of both you would add to the a Portlet©. You have start page rule to take you to portlet© upon login

Let me explain more on this…
We have a web site (already developed and running on Tomcat) where users can login and check for thier tasks. We don’t want to take users to MWS to see the WF inbox. Instead, we want to show the WF inbox at the bottom of the welcome.jsp. So the welcome.jsp should internally call MWS, pass userid &pwd and display the WF inbox portion to the user. On clicking a task, the user should be able to see the task details (business data) and can approve or reject. The task details page (view) should be opened as a Pop up window.

Hope you got my question.

Its beyond my knowledge of how to do this except that you would include the webmethods libraries under tomcat for it be able to access everything it needed and run it as a portlet. Its do-able but I don’t know how to do it - they go over tomcat integration in the CAF training

The feature you are talking is being supported in 8.0 version of the product where you are capable of developing a task web application running in the external containers, such as MWS.

But this is not for 7.1.2 Let me outline some of the options you have:

  1. Use IFrame on your JSP to point to task inbox. You may need to create a custom shell here to avoid display of navigation links and custom skin so look and feel matches UI of your web application. To authenticate you either would need to implement SAML (with MWS being SAML artifact producer and then embedding this artifact in the url) or you can pass-in credentials directly in the url (not very secure) as ?username=&password=

  2. Implement a task inbox/details in the web application to be run directly in the tomcat and access task list/data using TE web services (look at the TE API Reference). This would work, however implementing fully UI of for task inbox and details using web services clients is pretty big task

  3. You can deploy your web application to MWS instead of tomcat. Then follow approach #2, but instead of using web services you can use embedded task APIs (same APIs used in the default task application)

Thakns for your inputs. I think i can start with #2. I might have questions as i move on. I hope you can answer my future questions


I am exploring all 3 options that you suggested. Dealing with Option 1

How to customize the MWS’s My inbox using Shell? customization in the sense, the user should see only Taskid, Taskname and Priority. No other navigation links etc should be visible.


Instead of doing the same through Shell, can we modify the My inbox page at design time so that we can show the customized my inbox to the user at runtime?

You really can not modify out of the box My Inbox, when you created your task application you should have an option to create a custom inbox built as two portlets: inbox search bar and inbox results. Where you have full control over how it looks.

As for Shell Customization please look at the MWS Administrator guide. What I really meant was to create a different shell without navigation links in the header. Then using shell rules set this shell for your custom inbox page and finally expose it in iframe.

Many thanks Alex,
I was able to create a blank shell and use it for my custom inbox page successfully.
Your help is greatly appreicated.