calling BaaN BOIs from webmethods

Hi all,

I m trying to call BOIs from Integration Server through java services.
this is giving no error. but showing no output.
in java code itself i have set input parameters.
is there any way to set return value?
becz return is automatically inserted by Integration Server itself.
is there any way to set return value?

Hi sushshah,
We have succesfully called Baan BOI’s from IS using java services. The pre requisites are thoguh the following:

Baan jars available in IS lib/jars directory or packages/code/jars folder
dir.xml set in the machine where ur IS is hosted

Then write up a java service to set up the connection, using he connection manager class of Baan


Hi Pradeep

Thanks for information. Earlier we were trying to connect WebMethod 6.1 + Baan Adapter 1.5 to connect to Baan IV c4 (Porting Set 6.1c.07.06) but the connection is not working. In Baan application, the core dump is getting generated.

Will you please share your setup and other details.