Calling a portlet from IS service


I am calling an IS service in a portlet now I want to navigate from this portlet to other portlet after using some conditions and logic so I want to call next portlet from this service.
Can calling a portlet from IS service can be done??

Thanks in advance.


Based on the results from an IS service (or any method call) you can navigate to another portlet. But your question is can you invoke a portlet from an IS service.

To me, that implies having your portlet expose a WebService that an IS service invokes. Is that what you want?

If you could clarify that would help.


Thanks Mark for your attention on the problem.
Yes I want to navigate from one portlet to other on the basis of result of IS service.

Actually I am trying to create LOGIN portlet in that on basis of VALID Login one portlet needs to open and on INVALID Login Info other portlet has to open,can I do this by using IS service???

If you can provide a solution for this it’ll be a great help.

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Thanks for the explanation. What i would do would be to have your Command Button invoke your custom function (eg. authenticateUser). That function would invoke your service, then build the URL and send a redirect.

Hope this helps.

public void authenticateUser() throws Exception {

AuthService authService = getAuthenticateService(); //get the web service client
authService.refresh(); //invoke the client
boolean isAuth = authService.getResults(); //get the results of the service

//calculate target alias
String targetID = (isAuth) ? "authenticatedAlias" : "unAuthenticatedAlias";

//create well formed URL
IPortletURL renderURL = createRenderUrl();

//send redirect


It is very useful .
Thanks Mark.