Calling a function module within a flow

Hi guys, my apologies as I think this is going to be simple but maybe I am looking at it to hard.

I have a flow that I created automatically by doing a lookup of the SAP function module. I execute the flow directly provide the values and it works as expected but when I call it from another flow and pass the values it needs it seems to execute but it really does not. No values are passed to SAP and no values are returned.
What can I be missing?

Thanks in advance.

Do a debug/trace and see if the values are being passed from your main service to the sub service. It should be just a minor mapping problem.


Senthil, thanks for responding. I was able to figure it out, what it was is within the flow it starts by receiving a IDOC from a SAP system, what I found was that the $TID value is being set so when calling the FM from within my flow it would not work as a $tid was already present, I imagine this caused an error but sadly it was never reported. I dropped the value before performing the outboundMap and all is good.

Hope this helps someone in the future.