Call WM Flow service from CAF


How to call a WM Flow service from within a CAF ?
Is there any specific invoke function we can use or do we need to use a web service ?



Below is a fast process to call webMethods flow service from CAF.

  1. Create web service descriptor (if wm 7.1 version).

  2. Configure your dedigner to point to correct logical server (here your integration server).

  3. In Designer, go to IS view. right click the service descriptor and choose generate connector. This will add a managed bean (with service name) in your page managed bean.

  4. Drag and drop the managed bean to caf page form. You will see a button “Refresh”. Youn rename the button value to your choice.

  5. Publish the portlet/webapplication to MWS.

  • Ranjay Kumar