Call to wm.server.wsdl:getWSDL returns different result in WM 6.5 and WM 8.2

In WM 6.5 when I am trying to call the service wm.server.wsdl:getWSDL through http to get the wsdl dynamically I am getting the proper wsdl in browser. However when I am trying to get the wsdl in this way from browser in WM 8.2, the response is coming in a format where all the XML special characters are replaced with their corresponding escape sequences (For example < as <) which the browser is not able to display telling that this XML is not well formed.

The url I am using to get the wsdl is


Please help me how can I get the proper wsdl using the above format in Wm 8.2.

Note : I am aware of the other ways to get the wsdl in 8.2, but I need it in the above format as I have a dependency with other applications those use this url to get the WSDL and I don’t want to affect those.

Does calling the service WmRoot/ give same issues? The input is the producer WSD NS name.

I am assuming that you might already know that we can not use the WmRoot services as they are not meant to be public.


Hi Akshith,

I know we should not use WmRoot services, But as it is already used from before so I have to ensure no effect to other applications. After some more experiments I found a workaround. I modified the xml output template of the getWsdl service inside WmRoot and added encode(none) to it and now it works well as I wanted. But I am aware that I am not supposed to change the output template provided by Software AG. So I am planning to wrap the service with a customized utility service and define the output template of the new service as per my need with encode(none) and will pass on the new url to invoke the new service to the other applications. Is there any risk you can see?

That should work technically with no issues but i am not sure how the licensing for the SAG source code works. In other words, I don’t know if modifying the SAG source code and use it in a custom implementation violates the SAG General license.