Call business logic functions on EJB (App server) from WM 6.1

I have been researching (trying to find out really) on the best practices of calling remote methods on EJB from IS 6.1. In the past, our company has developed a custom Java flow service to initialize the JNDI context on the EJB (the EJB jar in the classpath of IS) and once the handle of the remote interface is obtained, make a call to the method and pass the necessary parameters to the method. But I have often found that this way is very inefficient and not scalable. This was developed when we started using IS 4.x

I am trying to re-architect this process to best utilize the resources available in the new version of IS (6.x). I want to be able to scale this architecture to handle a large volume of messages primarily interfaced for the business solution running on an application server, more specifically Websphere 6.0.1. If anyone can provide some valuable suggestions, I would really appreciate it.


Are you using the IS EJB Adapter or only IS java services?


I was using IS Java services. My understanding was that the support for EJB Adapter has been discontinued by webMethods. Is that true?

The IS EJB Adapter 6.0 does not appear to have been discontinued. The installation guide states that the EJB adapter will work with IS versions 6.0.1 SP2, 6.1, or 6.5.

The 6.0 version of the EJB adapter uses the 6.x Adapter Runtime (ART) and therefore has access to the connection pooling, logging and Developer-based adapter service creation.

You’d have to write some pretty fancy java services to match the scalability and ease of use that comes with the 6.0 EJB Adapter. It certainly can be done, but would be less maintainable in the long run IMHO.