Call a http servlet for returning values from a flow service

I am going to call a http servlet: [url]http://hostname/servlet/MyServlet[/url] from a flow service, the servlet asks for two inputs: username and password and returns a url. Pls let me know if you come across the similar situation and have any suggestions.

Thanks a lot.


Hi Jake,

Yes , you can do this , by copying Relevant IS JAR files in the Servlet
Container’s WEB-INF/lib directory.Inside your MyServlet , you can call
the IDataUtil class to pass your input to the service .

But you can do the same stuff using the DSP by direcly invoking the relevant services provided if you are publishing your DSP in the DSP.
(I think you already aware of this)

But it’z better if you could let me know the architecture of your
system. I mean do you have separate Servlet Container and IS .


Thanks a lot.

the store has the servlet taking an xml string as its input. the store runs on websphere commerce. therefore, I need to construct an xml document and pass some values in this xml doc to the servlet…therefore, the servlet runs independently. Once the request xml is received, the servlet returns xml data to IS as a response.
Since IS is not very good at request/response processing, I think I would have to ask the servlet to post the xml response to IS services. Pleas let me know your thoughts…or if you have any sample services, pls pass along since it really helps…

Thanks a lot…