Calendars, Timers and Escalations


We are faced with one problem related to SLA management and escalations which need to be tackled.

The scenario is explained below:

A companys agent(front office) has an SLA of 8 hrs with their customer once they receive the required docs/info from the customer. Working hours 9am-5pm. Customer sends docs at 4pm. So deadline is 1hr of that day + 7hrs of next day = 4pm next day. Likewise, it should take holidays into account. Now, this is for one country. Workhours and holidays will vary across countries, but the process is same. Different process instances will have different deadlines depending on the country. If a person from some other country looks at the workitems and deadlines of another country, he will see it in his own local format (that should be possible by storing the time in GMT or UTC and displaying on the fly depending on the country used to login).

My understanding is that Timers and Calendars in the webM Workflow feature would allow for business day time measurement and also take care of holidays.

However, I am not very sure as to how to approach the issue faced due to multiple countries.

Would we need to create separate processes for separate countries?

Wanted to check if anyone else has come across such a situation before.
Any help of the possible approaches would be welcome.