CAF Portlet refresh

Hello people,

Im usikng webmethods 9.5 version for developing a CAF portlet project and Im stuck with something and dont know how to proceed further.

I need two protlets
1)one which has a webservice that displays the contents of data base table as soon as i login to the MWS.(autorefresh=true)----working
2) another portlet with text fields to add data to the database, once i click submit another web service will take the data and insert into the data.

The problem is once i click the submit button the portlet one has to be refreshed and it should show the inserted data.

Even if i refresh the page on the browser the data is not appearing. It looks like the portlet session is locked and it not requesting the data again from the database.

Im not sure how to go further.
Can anybody help ?

Hello, So are you looking to Develop both requirements on single page or you can also do it with multiple screens? If you want multiple functions on single page(You should have one for refresh(you can hide if its not needed) and another one for Insert operation). If i am understanding correctly your refresh is binded to wrong place. Can you share your code?

Hey Srikanth,

I figured out another way to do the same.I did it in just one portlet.
The trick was in the web service that I developed on the IS.

  1. I had one sequence to display the contents of a database without any inputs, I had to just set the auto refresh in the managd bean.
  2. In the second sequence if data was specified that would run and insert then retrieve and display the contents of database table to show the inserted data.

Since i work in client network i cant get the code out.