CAF Portlet project custom task search like task list manage

Hi All,

I need the custom list management search on account refernce number,customernumber ,servicerequest id which is in task business data,process name , process status and created date than it should list all the steps information of the process models of the respective process name with craeted date.

and also need to list respective process steps details like status of the step and time logged.

i need to implement search in CAF portlet project which has service request id, account reference, process name, query status like new pending,complete dropdown and created date.

in table i need to display task details in table.

anil kumar ellendula

We don’t have any unified schema, tools or APIs to join results for queries into both the task engine and the process engine.

As a result, if you need to accomplish this task you’ll need to figure out how to either:
a) Add the information from the process to the current task and then use conventional task queries OR
b) Create and manage and update your own table(s) that unify the task and process data you want to query.

Neither of these are easy, and I’m not even sure that option A is a viable option for your requirements.