CAF Portlet Headers and Footers

I’m new to CAF portlet development. I’m using Designer 8.2 to create portlets. When I view my portlet in a web browser I see the following headers and footers (see attachments).

How do I modify/change what the headers and footers look like?

Can I create my own? If so how?

I looked at the CAF Development Help documentation but did not find anything that describes how to do this. I thought maybe it could be done with MWS Adminstration but I’m not sure this is the correct approach or not.

Any ideas on how to do this will be appreciated.


Hi Gilbert,

The solution to your problem is, you need to create your own custom header portlet and footer portlet.

Then you need to create the your own shell rule which will inherit your customized header and footer and apply it to your project.

I hope this will help you. :slight_smile:

That’s great news.

Can I write one of these shell rules from within my portlet project using Designer?

In the documentation I have read I haven’t seen anything on how to write a shell rule. The only reference I have seen is a brief reference to them in the MWS section of the CAF Development Help documentation but there is no description on how to create one.


Hi Gilbert

Yes you can write your own shell rules but not using designer but using MWS administration (via sysadmin login)

You can navigate to Administration > User Interface > Manage Shell Rules > Create New Rule.

You can also assign roles/group to that shell so that only those users who have access can see your custom portlets.

you can refer Administering_My_Webmethod_Server.pdf.

You hints helped me solve it. Thanks!

[quote=Prateek Bhatnagar]
Hi Gilbert,

The solution to your problem is, you need to create your own custom header portlet and footer portlet.


I have everything working but all I have been able to do is to inherit or ignore the standard predefined headers and footers on MWS.

How do I make the custom header and portlets available to my shell rule?

I tried creating a separate header portlet but was unable to get my shell rule to use it. I can get my shell rule to use any of the predefined one but not my custom one.

Hi Gilbert,

These are the steps for including the custom portlet in shell rule:

  • Create the custom header portlet (this you already created).
  • Create the alias for this custom header portlet via ‘Alias Management’
  • Create the new shell rule
  • Under page section of shell rule you will find Header which is by default be ‘Inherited’.
  • On the same section click on Use Alias button
  • Provide the alias of the custom header page you created under ‘Alias Management’ (in 2nd step)
  • Name of your custom header will appear below the radio button for Inherited.

similarly you can set the custome footer as well.

Please find the screenshot for your reference.

Further you need to set the evaluation order of your shell rule to get it triggered for the desired user.

Hope this will help :slight_smile:

I did all the step you mentioned except for the alias and evaluation order. Now when I add those steps I get this error.

Is there there a special way I need to create a header portlet?