CAF - Error with java.util.Date - Web Service Connectors

I created a Generic Portlet that calls a Web Service Connector based on a flow created on the Integration Server.

The signature of the flow consists of 4 parameters, 3 of them type string, the other one type java.util.Date.

On the submit action of the form I pass the web service connector input values and call the refresh method.

On the screen I get the following error:

And on the Server Log I receive:

The flow does the following:

Maps the input parameters to a publishable document called

The webservice stack used by IS and the webservice stack used by MWS don’t agree on date handling, so you need to change the java.util.Date parameter to a java.lang.String parameter. Since I’ve never used Developer, none of this means anything to me, but this is what others have suggested:

“In Developer try using String type with Date content type instead of Date type for myDate field.”

“I guess you can try String in IS service with data type as xml dateTime.”

“I handled this by having IS return the date as a String, and I set the namespace on the date as w3c…DateTime. When you create the WSC in Designer it properly recognizes the field as a DateTime, so no other controls are required. You need to make sure that you format the date in IS as YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS.SSS-ZZZZ.”


Thank you very much.