CAF Developer User Guide

Hi …

I need CAF 8-x-x-x_Developer_User_Guide.Please tell how to get and where i can get it.Please do the needful.

Thanks in advance.


The CAF Documentation is online at:

There is also the Communities site at:

Lastly, I’d highly recommend taking some of the training at our Corporate University.


Hi …

Thank u so much for your quick response.This is my first post and I’ld really appreciate this forum for giving quick response.

The second link its only articles.Hope this articles will help me a lot to learn CAF.

Need webMethods CAF SDK website which contains a repository of sample CAF projects and tutorials, as well as product documentation.

Please do the needful.

Thanks in advance…


All the CAF/MWS/Task Engine samples, articles, tutorials can be found on the communities site. You should be able to find them for yourself, but here’s a link that you can use to start: