C:\SoftwareAG\CentraSite\bin\cfg MoveCentraSiteRR.cmd missin

C:\SoftwareAG\CentraSite\bin\cfg\MoveCentraSiteRR.cmd is not in the CentraSite CE, can anyone confirm? Is it only in the SOA edition?

No - It should be in both as the binaries between CE + ActiveSOA are identical. Which build are you using?

I notice the same on my build - the MoveCentraSiteRR.cmd is not present (ActiveSOA edition).

It is only included in 8.2

CentraSiteCE_8.0_SP3_Windows_32.zip is current available for download, would this has the bat file?

I check the latest download, it has no MoveCentraSiteRR.cmd, where can I download the 8.2 version?

if you have a maintenance contract you can get it via http://empower.softwareag.com, otherwise you will have to wait a while till the CE version becomes available.