C Client Call to wM 6.1 - threads/sessions not being released


After migration of a service from wM 6.0.1 to 6.1(Solaris box), the number of sessions and threads keep on increasing and percentage of available threads reach a threshold due to which there is degraded effect on other services.

The service is invoked by a C Client API.

I have not recompiled the jars upn migration from wM 6.0.1 to 6.1

a) Is there any IS fix/patch required to applied ?
b) is there any changes required for the VIP on wM 6.1 ?
c) Do I need to recompile the jars/binaries for wM 6.1
d) Do I need to set up any property or make any config changes ?

Please advice

Is it possible that the default session timeout setting (set using IS Administrator) is now different than it was before? In production environments this setting should be fairly short (5 minutes?). The default is 10 minutes.

Is the C client calling disconnectCc()? That too will explicitly destroy the session. Could it be that there is a particular code path where this is sometimes not called?

Another option to consider is configuring the top-level services that are invoked by IS clients to be stateless. The session is automatically destroyed when the service completes.

Hi Reamon,

Thanks for your quick response. The top level service is stateless. The runtime property is set to TRUE.

Also, the session timeout is set to 3 minutes in wM 6.1 (where session problem is present) and 5 minutes in wM 6.0.1

The calls are working fine for wM 6.0.1 and there was no change in the client code except to point to wM 6.1 servers.

Please provide your views on the same.

Sounds like a possible issue in the session management and time to open an SR with wM tech support.