C++ Broker Event Creation


I am trying to create a C client for webMethods Broker 9.5. I can get a client connection, but when I try to create an event, I get:

Unknown Document Type (226-1490)

The admin person who created the event says the name of the event is:


But I get a response saying that this document type is not defined on the server.

Is there some sort of naming convention I need to follow.

I am starting from the publish1.c example



Hi Stan,

I am not sure, but I suspect Broker does not allow single colon character. Double colon is allowed as scope resolution. So, event type must have been created as follows:

Another thing could be that, admin may have created the event type from Designer. In that case, Designer may add its own scope prefix “wm::is” too. So, try following as well:

I found following in Broker Admin Guide:
If the document type is created through Designer, the Broker document type name includes the preface “wm::is::” before the folderName ::documentTypeName convention. For example, a document type named employee:employeeInfo on Designer would be named wm::is::employee::employeeInfo on the Broker. Other webMethods components that create document types will use similar naming notations. For more information about publishable document types in Designer, see the Software AG Designer Online Help.

Otherwise, try API awGetEventTypeNames to get the list from server and figure out which one you need… Or, simply ask admin to send you screenshots of the event type from Messaging Admin UI.

I will attach documentation in few minutes.

10-5_Broker_C_Client_Programmers_Guide.pdf (2.9 MB)
10-5_Broker_Java_Admin_Programmers_Guide.pdf (1.0 MB)
10-5_Broker_Java_Client_Programmers_Guide.pdf (1.3 MB)

10-5_Administering_Broker.zipped.pdf (3.3 MB)
This one is actually a zip file containing a pdf file. Had to upload this way to avoid file name and file size restrictions.

I have uploaded 10.5 documentation. They should be equally valid on 9.6 setup. If needed, check documentation website for latest version of document.

Hi Sandeep,

Thanks. You are correct. I have the correct format now - as you have described.

I am new to WM and am becoming familiar with these sort of details. I do appreciate your help.



Hi Sandeep,

Thanks for you help.