Have somebody example for working with Tamino using C API ( open database, select some data from database, etc… )

Thanks !

Dear Rogin,

I think that you are referring to the HTTP C API. In the downloaded package you will find a test program called testclient.c which can also communicate with Tamino, e.g. via
./testclient 2 http://localhost/tamino/mydb?_diagnose=ping
The program and the header file inoclex.h should give you some insight in how to write your own programs. Basically, you fill two buffers of type INOCL_SRC_DEST and INOCL_HEADER and then you will call inocl_fct() with the desired function code, e.g. 2 = “GET” in the example above.
I hope that clarifies things a little bit,

Gerald Ristow
Tamino R&D