Business usability of BPM

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Can someone please tell me when should we use BPM process in our project. If someone has used it already in your projects, kindly share which situation lured you to opt BPM, can’t we develop the same with other components.

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Please use the mentioned link to understand more about the BPM


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There are many reasons and benfits of using BPM.

  1. Business visibilty of the process.
  2. Manual Intervention can be done.
  3. Correlation can be done.
  4. A failed process can be resubmitted form any step.
  5. Business people can draw the flow and handover to Technical folks and the technical folks can import it right away in the tool and work on the fulfilment.
  6. Overall process timeout can be set.
  7. Reusablity of code will increase.

So on…

Syed Faraz Ahmed