Business Console -> MWS Server and Content-Security-Policy

Hello All,

When I open my business console login page (http://:/business.console) I see in browser console many CSP (Content Security Policy) errors.

There are two questions:

  1. where in My webMethods Server I can find CSP (Content Security Policy) settings?

  2. Is it possible to turn off this request for external opensans file? It’s required by jquery script.

Business Console 9.12 Portal Fix 12
Business Console 9.12 Runtime Fix 12
My webMethods Server 9.12 Fix20

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Hi Tomasz ,

Looks like this needs to be analyzed, I will get back to you on this . Or can you file a Support Incident with SoftwareAG for this.

Thanks & Regards

Vinay Kortikere

Response from SAG support: