Business-Console Dev Gadget Authorisation problems

Hi All
I’m trying to develop a new gadget for our webmethods environment & am having problems following the “Using RESTful Services with Gadgets” chapter of the developing guide “Developing Gadgets for webMethods Business Console”
Until I define a rest service there are no errors with the gadget, but when I define the rest service as described I keep getting an authorisation error, I have updated the MWS web.xml & added the cross-origin filter already.
I’ve no idea where the socialBPMCommon comes from as that’s not in my code anywhere!
This is all completely new to me so any help or tutorials would be a great help

Error Unable to authenticate using 'http://'localhost:8080 /rest/bc/authenticate

Origin HelloWorld_4F7DA551_3D80_1039_9253_1_Controller

StackTrace Error at _handleMessageEvents (http://mws1:8080/socialBPMCommon/script/commonservice.js?t=20191206062834:2625:8) 
at dispatchEvent (http://mws1:8080/socialBPMCommon/script/commonservice.js?t=20191206062834:2436:20) 
at Anonymous function (http://mws1:8080/socialBPMCommon/script/commonservice.js?t=20191206062834:5072:8) 
at Anonymous function (http://mws1:8080/socialBPMCommonExt/script/ext.js?t=20191206062834:37848:13) 
at processQueue (http://mws1:8080/socialBPMCommonExt/script/ext.js?t=20191206062834:42335:11) 
at Anonymous function (http://mws1:8080/socialBPMCommonExt/script/ext.js?t=20191206062834:42351:27) 
at Scope.prototype.$eval (http://mws1:8080/socialBPMCommonExt/script/ext.js?t=20191206062834:43595:9) 
at Scope.prototype.$digest (http://mws1:8080/socialBPMCommonExt/script/ext.js?t=20191206062834:43413:15) 
at Scope.prototype.$apply (http://mws1:8080/socialBPMCommonExt/script/ext.js?t=20191206062834:43703:13) 
at done (http://mws1:8080/socialBPMCommonExt/script/ext.js?t=20191206062834:38132:36)

Figured it out, so for anybody else who comes across this problem -
When following “Configuring Global Servers for Gadgets” the should NOT be set to localhost, I updated this entry to the correct remote hostname of the MWS and this solved the authorisation problem

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