Bulk process model instances resubmission functionality in webMethods 9.8

Hi All,
We have got a confirmation from Software AG that starting from webMethods 9.7, bulk process model re-submission(resubmit closest/earliest) has been stopped. We would like to know if somebody has found/developed any workaround/utility for a problem where we need to resubmit let’s say 100 instances of a process model transaction?

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you can build a service by using ProcessEngine/Monitor-Build-In-Services to select and resubmit the affected processinstances.


Check my link for more details http://tech.forums.softwareag.com/techjforum/posts/list/55553.page

However you can use “pub.monitor.process.instanceControl:resubmitAllFailed”

Pls provide more details of what kind of ‘resubmission’ you are trying out? While the ‘resubmit closest’ and ‘resubmit earliest’ buttons were removed, there are few new features added from 9.7 like Intuitive Error Handling.

Can you describe the use case in which you want to perform a resubmit? Use-case should include detail about,
a) permanent exception or transient exception?
b) do you have process wide error handler (pweh)? and what does it do?
c) do you have any custom logging in pweh?
d) do you have parallel steps in your process model? you may share your .process files
e) do you invoke changeProcessStatus or terminate step while changing the state of your process model?
f) what is the value of escalate failure (is it checked or unchecked)?
g) do you have sub process or reference process in your process model?

my questions above are related to ‘exception handling’ in order to use the feature of ‘resubmission’ correctly… once we determine if resubmission works great in your case, we can further discuss about ‘mass resubmission’.


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BTW, MON_9.7_Fix11 released yesterday brought back the bulk ‘resubmit’ buttons…

Fix Contents

“Resubmit Earliest” and “Resubmit Closest” - 2 kinds of specific mass instance resubmitting buttons are are added back in the Process Instance List page.

Resubmit Earliest - Returns the first step in the process instance that is enabled for resubmission and resubmits it.

Resubmit Closest - Searches a list of step instance data for the resubmitable step that is closest to and prior to the first failed step(if the failed step itself is enabled for resubmittion, it is resubmitted) and resubmits it.


Hi Senthil,

Thanks for your detailed response. Below is the use case:
We have a process model in our environment where we get a Idoc(SAP) data from internal system and we convert this data to xml format and deliver it to trading partner via HTTP delivery protocol configured in Trading Networks(TN) via task. This process model has serial process steps.

Coming to the scenario where we need bulk re-submission functionality could be either of below:

  1. Transient failures where in partner’s target system is not available for some reason and once connectivity is back, we are supposed to deliver the pending message.
  2. Sometime it is due to data error where transform step is failed. This data can be corrected at some portlet and once it is corrected, the model can be resubmitted for Transformation and delivery.

We have got a confirmation from SAG that as of today, there is no functionality & fix available for mass re-submission in wM 9.8 version. Though, we can always create a utility using in-built service.

We want to know if somebody has already developed a utility or is there some custom utility/fix available for this requirement which is available since this could be a common problem faced by many people here.

Hi Shiva,

you can explore WmMonitor and WmPRT Build-In-Services for this tasks.

On the other side you can request to upcycle the feature from Monitor 9.7 Fix11 to the newer versions.
You might wnat to open an idea/feature request in brainstorm for this.
Refer to the Monitor 9.7 Fix11 and the number WMN-5542 in the idea as this will ease analysis.


You may upload the .process model file as I would need to verify how the model is designed to handle failures.


Hi Sivakumar

i am also looking same scenario where we need to resubmit process instances in bulk in step level when external systems like DB or webService not available through UI.

May i know had you guys implemented scenario, we are looking for solution in wm-9.9

please let me know if anyone one worked on same.


You can write a custom flow service using the inbuilt services from WmMonitor & WmPRT

Listing some services which could be useful.

Instead of writing a db Script we can make use of the service wm.monitor.instance:getInstanceList to list the instances with specific status and then act on them accordingly.

Syed Faraz Ahmed


I would prefer using pub.monitor.instance:getInstanceList instead of wm.monitor.instance:getInstanceList for stability reasons.

Services from pub-Folder are documented in the Built-In Services Guides and they do not change their behaviour very often where as services from wm-Folder are the internal implementation services which are rarely documented and can change without further notice.

The services from the pub-folder will use the services from wm-folder and will take care of any modifications internally if neccessary.