Bulk approval of workflow tasks

The out of the box workflow task portlets allows completion only after a user opens the particular task from the inbox results and clicking the “Complete” button in that individual task details page. How do we perform bulk approvals directly from the task inbox results ? Not sure why this is not offered out of the box. I think its very basic for any workflow system to provide this feature.

Any inputs/guidance would be much appreciated.

Eventually we managed to write some custom code in our custom inbox using com.webMethods.caf.portalclient.task.PCTaskHelper to get selected tasks and update them.

I strongly believe that this is something worth to support out of box. Will try to raise this in brainstorm.

Rasied in brainstorm - 04287 Need bulk completion option for workflow tasks. Whoever likes the idea pls vote.

Hi Bala,

What version are you on. This sounds a similar requirement i came across in past.
Tried on wM9.8 and i am able to update the status as desired on selected tasks.

Issue with having bulk resubmission is when the task is associated with Process. Process flow will have dependencies on the outcome of task (business data update). Basically user logs in to the task update the options and the workflow will be decided.

Good practice is to have a custom logic which does the bulk updates by setting necessary business data.