Building Services that Retry

We are working on building code/framework that can be used to automatically retry on failure and suspend trigger in case on permanent failures. Can anyboby suggest few logic which they have been already implementing in their projects.

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  1. What kind of trigger processing you have set? Serial Or Parallel

  2. What do u understand by permanent failure? Whether permanent failure throws ISRuntimeException or ServiceException?

Only failures with transient exception can be retried.


Hello Sasanka,

What logic can be implemented to determine whether the last error is a Transient error?



Hello Anupam,

The service can be found in PSUtilities package.


The meanings of “transient error” and “permanent error” are entirely up to you. In your code you need to examine the specific error code and/or message and decide whether or not to throw an error for retry or a service error.

To suspend a trigger, simply configure the trigger to suspend when an error is thrown.

Be careful about using PSUtilities services without fully understanding what they do.

I am working on it now… Your views really helped.

Thanks a lot Reamon and Sasanka …:slight_smile:

Hello Sasanka/Reamon,

I am not able to find this PSUtilities package/code .

Can u please tell where I’ll get this package or from where it can be downloaded?

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U can d/n the PSUtilities Package from the below link.

Its custom services, so be careful with them.

Hope it helps U

Thanks Kaizen (A.B.)…:slight_smile:

Hello All,

I have a requirement where I have to create a log file when the trigger service is retrying on transient error. I have set the retry property in the trigger property panel. The log file needs to log the message each time the service is retrying. After the max retry count is reached and the trigger gets disabled I need to log that message that the trigger got disabled as well. Finally when the resource monitoring service gets called to check when the resource is available I need to log the message that the trigger along with the trigger name got enabled. Can someone help me with this? Is there a way to get the trigger name which is calling the resource monitoring service?

Thanks in advance

Hello Sasanka,

Can u please tell me the service name from PSUtilities package from which I can take some help?