Bug in Mediator Studio regarding XQuery text?

Hi, I’m using the mediator 7.3.1. I think I found a bug in mediator studio. It’s with regards to the TaminoQuery component where I want to do an XQuery for updating and replacing a element value with a value from a property.

Lets say I have this very simple sequence. Pls just ignore the the other required Tamino components cuz the crux is in the TaminoQuery component

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


It’s the Bugprop property in which my actual Xquery is
for $a in input()/Bug do ( replace $a/BugElement with {‘$Bugprop’})
where I wanna get the value of the property.

Mediator studio will ALWAYS remove the single quote in {‘$Bugprop’} whenever I saved the sequence, thus making the whole update wrong…

The only resolution is to open the sequence file with another text editor and do the manual editing of the xquery text to include the single quote.

Hi KooKie

This bug is fixed in the Mediator 7311 patch which will be released in a few weeks.