BrokerQueue Defective??

Hi Guys,

After a long time I am back to the forum but with an issue :frowning:
There is a scenario where a trigger is behaving strangely. Out of all the documents it is subscribing, only 1 or 2 are not processed every day and these 2 threads are being hung up. Concurrence processing is enabled with max. 5 threads. The exact error from the server logs

Do you guys have any idea on this? The environment is WM 6.5. The above subscribed service gets a SQL query from the published doc, queries the source DB, starts transaction, inserts into target table and commits or rollsback based on status of insertion.


Did you cross checked your DB connections/operations if they are happening correctly when this process is getting hung? what is the DB expire timeout you set for your connection used in DB operations?

Yes, I observed that the DB operation is hanging when this particular error occurs. The settings are as below for the DB connection.
The expire timeout for the DB connection is 1000 ms. There is a known issue with the DB that, its response is too slow. But does it cause the trigger queue to become defective?