BrokerClient subscribing to Document Broker Event and Document compatibility

Can a BrokerClient subscribe to a document? We already know that any BrokerClient can subscribe to a BrokerEvent. Another way could be we can convert a document to a BrokerEvent. Hoping to get some input. THANKS!

Not sure what you are asking for so here is my feebile attempt to answer this question.

Documents and broker events are synonomous in the webMethods ES environment. They are one in the same thing, it is just a nomenclature change webMethods made for the ES starting with 4.x.

Now, if you are talking about IS documents in webMethods 6.x, then yes a broker client can subscribe to this document as long as it is a publishable document and known to the Broker where the BrokerClient is connected.

Maybe if you rephrase your question or problem, I or others in the group can give a more focused answer.


Steve -
Thanks for making an attempt to answer my question. Sorry for being vague.

Let me try again:

Web Serv (ws1) is invoked -> ws1 creates a document(x.documents:yPublish) out of the request and publishes to the broker
-> Can a BrokerClient, scheduled to wake up every 10 secs, subscribe to ‘x.documents:yPublish’?

Hope this makes more sense than earlier.

Yes, with Explicit Destroy queues your broker client does not have to be connected and listening for events for them to be queued. As long as a subscription to the event is present on the Broker, this event will go into the clients queue; then when the client “wakes up” and reconnects to the Broker it can retrieve the waiting events.

Is this they answer you are looking for?


Steve -
Thanks. This answers my question. Just to put a closure to this issue, let me ask one last thing. We know that we can do the following:

can_subscribe = c.canSubscribe(“Sample::SimpleEvent”);

Can we also do?
can_subscribe = c.canSubscribe(“x.documents:yPublish”), where ‘x.documents:yPublish’ is a fully qualified name of a document. This should return true if there is a doc publishable with this name in the broker.

I really appreciate all your help.

Yes, if a document name of this type is allowed in the broker and that is the fully qualified name, then as long as the client group on which this client connects has permission to subscribe to the given event then that API call will return true.


You have been quite helpful. Really appreciate it. I am in the midst of trying it out. Will let you know if I find anything interesting enough to share.