Broker vs Publishing Locally

We have Webmethods 6.0.1 with the broker and for some reason we want to get rid of broker.
My question is, what setps will be involved in making it work without using broker.

Any suggestions


To get rid of the Broker then dont publish to it.So where ever you are Invoking pub.publish:publish service disable it and also Change the publishable doctypes to IS DocType and disable the tiggers as well.


What about the functions broker is performing right now?
If i still keep using publish but locally wont i get rid of broker?

Even if u use locally it publishes to broker…

Use IS Administrator to “deconfigure” the Broker settings. Use Broker Administrator to remove the client queues for the IS that you’re disconnecting. Delete the dispatch.cnf file from the IS config directory. No need to get rid of pub.publish:publish calls. You can either change them to set the “local” parameter to true or just leave them alone as local publish is the behavior when no Broker is configured on IS.

Thanks a lot Rob, thats exactly what i was looking for. So is there any other consideration in terms of performance or disk space for Repository if we are going for local.

Thanks again,


Not sure. The docs probably have that info somewhere.