Broker upgrade 6.5 to 9

Has anyone done broker upgrade from 6.5 version to 9. We are analyzing the 7.1.2 to 9.0 upgrade procedures.

Noticed that broker EOSS has ended quite long back.

Any issues faced during broker upgrade?

Any suggestions on precautions to be taken are welcome.


6.5 to 9.0 is side by side approach only, you can setup 9 broker directly

Why do you want to update broker?

Currently we are using 6.5 broker. EOM and EOSS appear to have ended sometime in 2011.

With 9.0 version broker 9.0 is available for which support is available till 2017-06-30.

I am not sure if 6.5 version of broker is compatible with 9.0 IS.

Did you mean to suggest anything different to avoid broker upgrade?

6.5 broker is not compatible with 9.0 Broker

For broker 6.5 to 9.0 upgrade mean that "we need to install fresh broker 9.0


Is it possible to continue with 6.5 broker even if we upgrade to wM 9.0?


Thanks Sai.

I have to disagree with Sai.

Broker supports backward compatibility. If your IS is 6.5 which works with Broker 6.5, moving your IS to 9.0.1 can still work with Broker 6.5. It is just that, you cannot use additional features introduced in IS 9.x for Broker 9.x for example JMS capabilities.


Yes senthil backward compatibility is working (I am able to connect 8.2 broker from 9.0 IS in our testbox) and good that you stoped me.

Thanks Senthil and Sai.

Appreciate your help. We recently did upgrade from 7.1.2 to 8.2 wM IS for a different client. I will check if broker was also upgraded.

Hello Abhijit,

I’m assuming you have also done upgrade of the IS related code from 6.5 to 9.0? Can you please let me know if this was a straight forward Upgrade or did you use a hop at 8.2.2?

Thanks in advance

Hi Karuna,
There is no straight path from 6.5 to 9.0. You got to take a hop in between.


IntegrationServer (More specifically Broker API) Broker Is compatible
8.2 6.1 Not Certified
9.5 6.1 Not Certified
8.2 6.5 Yes
9.5 6.5 Not Certified
8.2 7.1 Yes
9.5 7.1 Yes
9.5 8.2 Yes
6.1 8.2 Not Certified
6.1 9.5 Not Certified
6.5 8.2 Yes
6.5 9.5 Not Certified
7.1 8.2 Yes
7.1 9.5 Yes
8.2 9.5 Yes