Broker (Unexpected stop of Broker Server )


When I try to start a new configurated broker I’m getting following error in /var/log/broker.alert

Sep 29 21:21:38 safir awbrokermon: [ID 702911 local5.alert] #1033 Unexpected stop of Broker Server in directory /var/opt/webmethods/awbrokers65/is65_wmtest01 pid 0 - exit code 1
Sep 29 21:21:43 safir awbroker:9849: [ID 702911 local5.alert] #1229 Error: The Server cannot initialize config session with        URL "qs:///var/opt/webmethods/awbrokers65/is65_wmtest01/Brok
erConfig.qs". Error code 1100: QS (-2) LOCKED(QS-2) line:181: Permission denied. [EXITING]

does anyone have an idea of what can be wrong?

Thanks alot in advance!

What is the broker version? if its 7.x , check if you have installed it using root user.

brokerverision is 6.5
I installed the IS including broker without root.
After that I created the broker with this command (root)
./server_config create /var/opt/webmethods/awbrokers65/is65_wmtest01 -k xxxxxxxxxxxxx -p 9849

and started with this command ./server_config start -h xxxx:9849

Are you using a mounted filesystem?

There are a few instances where the permissions of the underlying directory are overriding the mounted filesystem’s. Even when you are root.

Can you qsck the DataStore?

Can you be sure no Broker process is running and no stale locks remain?